Format of Revised Manuscripts

I use Microsoft Word to edit text documents and the Track Changes feature to show inserted and deleted text (see below for more information on Tracked Changes).

I use either In-Line Comments (underlined text and highlighted comments) or Comments in the Sidebar to clarify or make suggestions about the text.

Returned files are labeled with the suffix, “… MSE Edit” and  “MSE Final”:

“… MSE Edit” shows Tracked Changes and comments highlighted in yellow (see more about Tracked Changes below).

“…. MSE Final” shows the text with all changes accepted.

Please review the Final version to ensure that the revisions retain your intended meaning. Please contact me with any questions about the edit.

Tips for Reviewing Revised Documents

To remove unnecessary spaces in the text, use the Search and Replace tool (Ctrl H) and replace instances of 2 spaces with 1 space: Remove Double SpacesTo remove all comments in the sidebar, select the Review menu > Comments > Delete all comments. To compare the edited and final versions of a text, please see How to Toggle Between Original and Revised Versions of a Text in Word.

Tracked Changes

Track Changes is in the Review menu > Track Changes. In Word 2010 for the PC: Track Changes in Word The Original and Final versions of the the text can be selected from the dropdown menu: Show Final and Original Versions Options are available to Accept or Reject changes. For example, to Accept All Changes: Accept All Changes   Comments can also be deleted: Delete All Comments Please contact me if you need assistance with the features of Word software, or if you are using another document system.