Editing Services

As your editor, I will …

    • Improve the quality and style of written scientific and medical communications;
    • Facilitate and expedite the preparation of high-quality manuscripts; and
    • Ensure that documents receive attention and recognition in editorial review.
    • Teach English language skills, especially related to scientific writing (click here)

My editing services include:

    • Corrections of grammar, spelling, syntax and style, sentence and paragraph structure, etc.
    • Comments throughout the text that draw your attention to areas in which the meaning is unclear or information is missing.
    • Identification of logical inconsistencies and structural flaws, with revisions that reflect the intended meaning.
    • Key writing issues, with the goal of improving your writing skills; and

You should expect a substantive, critical review of your manuscript. My goal is to accelerate the completion of your work. I will assist with journal submissions, letters, and communications, and help you respond to reviewer recommendations and critiques. My livelihood depends on your success and satisfaction.

Review of Services

  • punctuation and spelling corrections
  • grammatical revisions
  • sentence structure revisions
  • style suggestions
  • figure and table caption editing
  • figure content revision
  • reference formating
  • citation and reference list cross-referencing
  • content editing
  • journal formatting
  • suggestions about logical consistency and flow
  • submission assistance